The advice

59 – The advice  I Ramka Rene and Nietzsche Sit on the floors. Rene show off with his new mobile phone .  Rene: COOL, NAY? BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ASIMOTHOTE ANALYSYS IS.... Nietzsche: GIVE IT TO ME... I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT.  II Ramka Rene observes impressed that Nietzsche solves his problem. Nietzsche: NOW I THINK YOU HAVE TO PUSH THIS BUTTON... Rene: YEAH, YOU ARE RIGHT.... Nietzsche: AND THEN...  III Ramka Nietzsche wyciąga swój młot i rozwala telefon. Kartezjusz nie jest już tak zadowolony jak na samym początku. Nietzsche takes out his hammer and break the phone with this. Rene is not so happy any more.  Starring: Rene Descartes, Frederic Nietzsche
Starring:Rene Descartes, Frederic Nietzsche

It turned out that it would be better for Rene not to ask Frederic for help.


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