Women and the Truth

61- Women and the Truth  I Ramka Platon is discussing serious love/romantic issues/trouble/problems Socrates. They’re at the disco, there’s a lovely, long-legged blonde standing nearby.  Socrates: WELL, I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE SIMPLY AKS HER ABOUT HER NAME AND THEN JUST  BE YOURSELF. GO, DON’T BE SHY...  II Ramka Plato is next to the girl  Platon: HI SAFONA, WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Dziewczyna: ? Platon: DID YOU KNOW THAT FORMS ARE IMMATERIAL...  III Ramka Sokrates rozmawia z Platonem, który ma nietęgą minę... Sokrates: HOW WAS IT? Platon: YOUR ADVICE SUCKS...   Starring:  Socrates, PlatoStarring: Socrates, Plato

Now you know why Plato had never got married.


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