83- Chess  I Frame Wittgenstein and Nietzsche play chess. Nietzsche is sad, becauce he isn't doing too well. Wittgenstein: I'M AFRAID THAT THIS IS.... CHECK!  II Frame Nietzsche is destroying Wittgenstein's paws Nietzsche: CHECK!  III Frame Wittgenstein is destroying all board. Nietzsche is more sad than he was at the very beggining. Wittgenstein: I HAVEN'T KNOWN THIS RULE BEFORE. SO I SUPPOSE WE HAVE: CHECKMATE!  Starring: Ludwig Wittgenstein (Old), Fryderyk Nietzsche (god knows how old)

Starring: Ludwig Wittgenstein (Old), Frederic Nietzsche (god knows how old)

For Ludwig everything is just a game.


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