Philosophical renovation

84-Philosophical renovation  I Frame Descartes:   THIS RENOVATION WILL COST ME ALL MONEY I MAKE ON THE SALE OF MY DISCOURSE...BUT ONE THING CHEERS ME UP. THE FACT THAT WHEN PEOPLE GET THE IDEA OF COGITO...  II Frame Descartes: WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME... LOOK! INSCRIPTION! Sokrates: I WONDER WHAT'S WRITTEN HERE? WAIT!  DETACH IT VERY CAREFULLY..   III Frame Kartezjusz stoi z całym kawałkiem tapety w ręce a my widzimy napis „Cogito ergo sum. Augustyn z Hippony- tu byłem” Socrates: RENE, IT'S YOUR SENTENCE  Starring: René  Descartes , Socrates,
Starring: René Descartes , Socrates,

It was difficult to say something new when Rene was a philosopher, now thing are even more complicated.


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