Polish version
167 - Mistake I Frame Benedict is running to Rene Benedict:  RENE HAVE YOU HEARD THAT ON THE MARKET THEY GIVE AWAY GALILEO'S  WORKS?  II Frame Rene: THEY DON'T GIVE AWAY BUT BURN AND NOT GALILEO'S  WORKS BUT GALILEO...  III Frame Augustine appears Augustine:AND NOT GALILEO BUT GIORDANO BRUNO...  Starring: Rene Descartes, Benedict Spinoza, Augustine of Hippo

Starring: Rene Descartes, Benedict Spinoza, Augustine of Hippo, Giordano Bruno

Some people think that Galileo was burnt, but he wasn’t. However inquisition burnt a lot of different people, among them philosopher Giordano Bruno.

Karl and glue

Frame 1 Karol is disappointed by the look of the frame. He can not get over destroy made by Frederic. Karol: NO, IT CAN NOT STAY THIS WAY. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS.  Frame 2 Karol has one of these brilliant ideas. He has just found a glue. Karol: AHA!  Frame 3 A work is done. Effect is not satisfying, but Karol is very proud of himself. Karol: IT’S DONE!

Starring: Karl Marks

This is exactly how communism looked like, but in real it was more terrifying. Probably Karl didn’t suppose where his ideas would lead people.