Frame 1 Socrates is looking at a piece of cheese Voice: SOCRATES, IT’S FORBIDDEN Socrates: WHO IS IT? Voice: IT’S ME, YOUR DAIMON  Frame 2 Socrates is eating cheese anyway. Although he tries to hide himself  Frame 3 There is huge inscription, like in horror movie, “IT’S FORBIDDEN”. Socrates is running away from the inscription, he’s terribly scared. Socrates: AAA!
Starring: Socrates

It’s always better to listen to your Daimon.


Small cogito

Frame 1 Rene, ball, and sound „pi, pi, pi, pi” Rene: WHO IS IT? Ball: IT’S ME, COGITO.  Frame 2 Rene is thinking Rene: COGITO, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  Frame 3 Rene is destroying the ball. “Plask” can be heard… Rene: SACREBLE!

Starring: Rene Descartes

Could you imagine what would happen for philosophical history if Rene destroyed his greatest invention: “Cogito ergo sum”?