A good deed

87-Good deed<br />I Frame<br />A car is broken. Philosophers stand around the car.<br />Socrates: WHAT A LUCK THAT YOU WERE PASSING BY. I WOULDN'T MAKE ON MY OWN... HOW CAN I REWARD YOU?<br />Kant: COME ON, IT'S NOTHING...AND IT'S THE OBLIGATION.<br />Spinoza: NO BIG DEAL...EVERYBODY AIMS TO GOODNESS...<br />II Frame<br />Car is fixed, everybody is happy :-)<br />Socrates: BUT I'M SO GRATEFUL. MAYBE THERE IS A WAY TO RECOMPENSE YOU...<br />Spinoza: GOOD DEED DOESN'T NEED A REWARD IT'S A REWARD ITSELF<br />III Ramka<br />It turn's out that Immanuel really likes money<br />Kant : ACTUALLY I WOULDN'T MIND 5 EURO<br />Spinoza, Sokcrates: ?<br />Starring: Immanutel Kant, Bennedict Spinoza, Socrates

Starring: Immanuel Kant, Socrates, Benedict Spinoza

According to Immanuel good deed to be good can’t be pleasure. Less pleasure for maker means more good in a deed. So if  money make deed is less pleasure it’s better to take them.  And we agree that this is a little misinterpretation of Immanuel’s ethics..