Master’s portrait

Polish version
202- Master's portrait I Frame We sees Plato in front of the picture Plato: THIS IS A PORTRAIT OF MY GREAT MASTER. THANKS TO ME HE WON'T BE FORGOTTEN.   II Frame Plato add minor changes. He add Socrates a huge mustache, a hat. Plato:HMMM... SOMETHING IS STILL MISSING HERE...   III Frame Plato in front of final version of the picture. He added hairs, wings, halo, cigar Plato: THERE YOU GO, NOW IT LOOKS MUCH BETTER... Starring: PlatoStarring: Plato

We are not sure if Plato knew what he was doing.



Polish version
167 - Mistake I Frame Benedict is running to Rene Benedict:  RENE HAVE YOU HEARD THAT ON THE MARKET THEY GIVE AWAY GALILEO'S  WORKS?  II Frame Rene: THEY DON'T GIVE AWAY BUT BURN AND NOT GALILEO'S  WORKS BUT GALILEO...  III Frame Augustine appears Augustine:AND NOT GALILEO BUT GIORDANO BRUNO...  Starring: Rene Descartes, Benedict Spinoza, Augustine of Hippo

Starring: Rene Descartes, Benedict Spinoza, Augustine of Hippo, Giordano Bruno

Some people think that Galileo was burnt, but he wasn’t. However inquisition burnt a lot of different people, among them philosopher Giordano Bruno.