Xanthippe, Being and Change

Frame 1 Xantippe is cleaning left side of the frame Xantippe: I AGREE WITH ZENO AND HIS ARGUMENTATION – MOVEMENT IS ONLY AN ILLUSION   Frame 2 Xantippe is cleaning right side of the frame Xantippe: BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, HERACLITUS IS ALSO RIGHT, SAYING THAT EVERYTHING FLOWS AND CHANGE IS MAIN RULE IN THE BEING  Frame 3 Xantippe finished her job and is leaving the frame Xantippe:  I THINK THOUGH, THAT DEMOCRITUS GAVE US A SOLUTION. NOT CHANGEABLE ATOMS BUILD CHANGEABLE FORMS OF BEING.

Philosophizing woman can always find a solution.


What philosophers don’t dream about

82- What philosophers don't dream about  I Ramka Socrates and  Xanthippe at home. She's doing houswork i.e. lundry and he's reading newspaper. Xanthippe:  YOU ONLY MEDITATE AND SPECULATE. SO SINCE YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT THINKER HOW ABOUT INVENTING A MACHINE, THAT WILL WASH THIS.  II Ramka Sokrates rozmawia z Platonem na Agorze... Sokrates: ...SO SHE REQUESTED ME CONSTRUCTING SOMETHING LIKE A TUB THAT IS DOING LAUNDRY. Platon: WHAT A NONSENSE! I'LL JUST KILL MYSELF...  III Ramka The washing machine Napis: THERE ARE MORE THINGS IN HEAVEN AND EARTH THAN ARE DREAMT OF IN YOUR PHILOSOPHY.    Podpis:  Starring: Socrates, Plato, Xanthippe Citation, last sentence: Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Starring: Socrates, Plato, Xanthippe
Citation, last sentence: Hamlet, William Shakespeare

It would be better for everybody if philosophers dreamed from time to time.

Nothing to add

64- Nothing to add<br />I Drawing<br />Socrates and Descartes are coming back from holidays by PKS bus. They are sitting and talking a lot about different stuff. There are suitcases and some backpacks in front of them.<br />Socrato: RUMOUR SAYS IT THAT THE AUTHORS WILL TRANSLATE STRIPS INTO ENGLISH...<br />Kartezjusz: DON'T FREAK ME OUT! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! THEY WON’T MANAGE TO DO THIS! THERE ARE SO MANY JOKES JUST UNTRANSLATABLE...<br />II Drawing<br />Sokrates: RENÉ, I AM MORE WORRIED ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY’RE GOING TO EMBARASS THEMSELVES.<br />Kartezjusz: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, THEIR ENGLISH IS SO BAD. BUT NIETZSCHE’S GOING TO LIKE THIS ENGLISH THING...//NIETZSCHE SHOULD LIKE IT THOUGH.<br />III Drawing<br />We can see Nietzsche and Xanthippe at the bus stop, they are waiting. There is a lot of luggage around them.<br />Nietzsche: ...AT LEAST THEY WILL STOP MAKING STUPID JOKES ABOUT ME...<br />Xanthippe: CHEER UP! IT’S JUST A COINCIDENCE THAT YOUR SURNAME MEANS „NOTHING” IN POLISH...AND EVERYBODY HAS SO MUCH FUN READING STRIPS YOU TAKE PART IN...<br />Starring: Socrates, René Descartes, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Xanthippe

Starring: Socrates, Rene Descartes, Frederic Nietzsche, Xanthippe

So yes, we decided to translate posts into English about two years ago. now we decided to start with wordpress. And yes it’s difficult to translate yokes into English when Frederic Nietzsche is main character. As “Nietzsche” in Polish means “nothing”, you don’t  really have to try too much to make fun of him.