What is all this about?

What is Socrates this all about?

The simplest way will be to start by saying what all this is NOT about.

Well, the authors don’t want:

  • the respected Reader to take this whole blog too seriously and pick on details – that the citation is not adequate enough or that the authors couldn’t present the depth of the philosophical problems. If the Reader wants to play making up impertinences of this kind it would be better for the Reader to think about a university career, a philosophical career in particular, which the authors wish them from the bottom of their hearts. If the reader can cope with it, of course.
  • the authors definitely don’t have an ambition to create any kind of philosophical textbook, because it would be too complicated and the authors are more than sure that they won’t have published it before the day they die.
  • the authors do not want to popularize philosophy. There are several reasons. There is no chance to make philosophy popular. Even if it was, philosophy would not gain anything from such popularity. Moreover, the reader surely doesn’t need philosophy, as he or she has been existing without it quite happily so far. Or maybe, the completely opposite, the Reader couldn’t, as he or she has been seeking Wisdom all the time.
  • the authors don’t want anybody to inquire into the goals or, in modern language, mission of the authors’ blog, nor to ask why the authors do what they do, which is drawing and sometimes even writing.
  • the authors don’t want anybody to make profit on their work besides intellectual benefit of course (Attention! This rule doesn’t apply to the authors, that’s obvious, the but authors would like to emphasize this, to avoid any future complaints from the readers, when the readers say that they thought the authors were volunteers, and in the end it turned out that the authors earned a lot of money a million or even a billion $, and for what? For drawing and writing from time to time. Just give me a break!)

  • the authors do not want anybody to call them marxists or idealists, or realists, analitics or non-analitics, platonists or neoplatonist, thomists or agnostics and, for god sake, don’t call them catholics without any permission given from authors,

  • authors don’t want to be any kind of examplars for youth

  • don’t want to be consider as representatives of any kind of generation starting from A up to Z

  • the authors don’t want to create any ideology or write any missions or visions, because this is dull job and it will be better to leave it for communication specialists because they are doing this far more better

  • do not want to eat any kind of cheap food

  • Besides all this things that are written above the last and the most important, authors don’t want anybody to forbid authors

Good fun! Because this is the thing authors want to do the most, and it doesn’t matter what reader thinks about it…

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