About authors

Tylmur Tylmur

Outside the net – Magdalena Muracka-Tylko. She always wanted her name to be Lena, but people didn’t want to call her that and they persistently call her Magda. She will probably learn how to deal with this soon. After years of working hard in corporation she is trying to continue her existence without an embarrassment. Being involved into Da philosophers this is a part of her therapy of coming back to normal life. She writes from the first class in primary school.

Sometimes she has an idea for the next strip. Even the most absurd idea she can turn into scenario, she finds citation in accidentally red philosophical books that were written by accidental authors. She finds a new linguistic shape for all this chaos. She creates annotation. Sometimes she colours.

She is afraid of spiders unless she is on the camping.

When she likes a song she is listening it all over again untill she likes the new one.

When she read comic she focus on speech balloon and she misses writings. However she likes drawings because they cut off great number of surroundings descriptions.

She likes spinach and ice creams. Alcohol: rum, wine, amaretto, tincture

She has facebook profile

Among philosophers she prefers the most Georg and Ludwig

Panrac Panrac

Outside the net Rafał Tylko. He believes that working for corporation this is nothing embarrassing so you shouldn’t be ashamed about it. Being involved into Da philosophers this is a part of his therapy of coming back to normal life. He draws from the second year of kindergarden.

Sometimes he has and ides for the next strip. He criticizes the first draft of scenario and he tries to get more coherent story. After that he makes two-dimensional graphic version of the story. And then he downloads the sketch to the computer using highly specialized machine.

After the scan is done, he erases small litters from the drawing, using special virtual eraser. This is what Tylmur can never notices, even when she tries really hard. Sometimes he colours. Usually he adds something or cross something out from the annotation.

He is not afraid of spiders, doesn’t matter the surrounding and spider.

When he plays a computer game he continues till the time he finds it dull.

After he finishes reading comic he usually comes back to the beginning and reads once again to watch drawings once again.

He hates spinach he can stand ice creams, when it comes to alcohol he likes white wine and beer.

He doesn’t have facebook profile, what for it is?

Among philosophers he admire Immanuel and likes all of them besides Karol.

Tylmur i Panrac have known each other from the first class of the high school


  1. Dear authors
    I like your comic though I’am not very fond of history of philosophy.
    But nevertheless I began to translate the strips into russian some time ago.
    You might want to observe it, express criticism or even publish another language version of the comic. If so I will gladly continue my work on translating.
    The full list of the comic translated – https://vk.com/album-33568542_151728578

  2. Your jobs are marvelous! They are really good mix. Also there’s something deeply satisfying about finding some references that are hiding in details. Thanks for everything.

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